Ancestors of the Future

We are the ancestors of the future, holding out this little wild bouquet of humaneness, battered by the greed and soullessness of these dark times. We recognize one another by our efforts toward stillness, by our listening, seeing, and sensing, and by the arts born therefrom.

We find one another here in the matrix of technology – one of the holy and fragile things born of our time, as the juggernaut works its gears trying to gain its clanging, metallic, hard, limiting control.

This fellowship – we who feel these words, who say these word, who write these words, attempting through these lies to tell some fragment of truth, to keep some flame of wisdom alight while the hurricanes and volcanoes torrent – our mother sphere shuddering to shake herself free of the cancer this human species has been ravaged by – hatred, materialism, narcissism, arrogance.

We the healthy cells of the body of this species will keep on producing voluptuous spirit oxygen, spirit blood, for the sake of our progeny a thousand years hence, when the planet has transformed its geography, has settled into a new stability, has regenerated balance wherein new species might thrive from the remnants of we here now whose DNA will reform, grow new strands, and life will be renewed once again.

Le Chaim – To Life


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