Breathing for the Body of Humanity

Early morning in that liminal space between sleep and waking. A light appears before me and inside of me, at my forehead. The light takes form and I see Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, the lost boys. Something could probably be made of that symbolism, but I’m not thinking symbolically because immediately I’m carried by a deep breath that causes me to notice I had been breathing much more shallowly before that one breath. And then there is another deep breath, and another. And now I’m breathing deeply to the tops of my lungs and refreshing all the cells in my body. My mind expands to include the lungs of other people, especially the people who are having a hard time breathing now with the Corona virus. I feel myself breathing for all of humanity, not just this seemingly singular body. I feel inspired, inspiration = taking air in.

We are each as single cells of the whole body of humanity. What one does affects the whole. Our human body right now is threatened. There is a lot of talk about respirators—not enough. Industry is racing to devise more and better mechanical hardware to help people breathe. I’m reminded of a Steely Dan lyric, “let’s throw out the hardware and do it right.” I’m not in any way suggesting we abandon our efforts to get enough respirators to the hospitals and patients that so acutely need them. But as Quantum Physics now reveals, all materiality begins in the field of energy that is available to each of us in a very intimate way— within us and around us. What if we were all to begin breathing consciously, not for our own bodies alone but for all those now struggling for air, for inspiration? What if every breath you take, you take for the entire body of humanity? We are learning now through this pandemic that we are indeed our brothers’ keeper. When we keep physical distance, we do so for all our relations. And keeping physical distance, when we are mindful of why we do so, we are brought into closer connection with our fellow human beings. Each one of us is a cell of the body of humanity.

BREATHE for your wellbeing AND breathe for your brothers and sisters.

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