The Greater Mind is Ever Present

I am walking through our local health food market without a list, feeling for what I will want to eat in the next few days. A woman whom I don’t know passes me and says, “I saw you and thought you were Ann Bancroft. But then I thought, no that can’t be, she’s, you know.” […]

Mindfulness, Mayhem, and Mexican Oilcloth

Mexican Oilcloth

Struggling to discipline myself to stay with my writing (I’ve begun a work of fiction), I nevertheless still need to take breaks from sitting. So after an hour at the screen I decided to do something physical which would not take too long. Five years ago someone left a funky table across the road from […]

That’s Just My Ego

The reunion of four friends after months of traveling was joyful. Conversation, always intelligent, ranged from psychology to hairstyles, from politics to typography. “Oh, that’s just my ego,” one friend said to a round of laughter. “I’m not sure I even know what an ego is,” said another. More laughter. We all agreed that there […]

Reaching the Summit 

My Bishop used to say, “Choose one path and stay with it if you want to reach the top. Switching pathways only keeps you wandering around the base of the mountain.” The question hung in my being for two weeks. Have I just been wandering around the base of the mountain? I’ve not stuck with […]

One Mysterious Mind

Whatever you can say about anything, the opposite is also true. We don’t just inhale we also exhale—both parts of breathing constitute the whole. My sister shows me her Israeli Identity papers. She points to her name in Hebrew letters that fill in the form; then to our parents’ names, then her children’s names. She […]

The Information of Healing

For over 35 years I’ve had faith that eventually medicine would catch on to true healing. Pharmaceuticals and surgery seemed so heavy handed for such a refined and finely tuned instrument as the physical sentient body. I turned to natural remediation of my chronic ailments, but still, though they went a long way to preserve […]

Hineini – I Am Here

I’m trying to feel forgiveness father, for they know not what they do. But these minds, so far from the real, they have no vision beyond the horizon of their own stories and beliefs. They do not have eyes to see the world is not flat; they only see top or bottom, left or right. […]

The Mystery Formerly Known as God

The Universe provided me with this great house. I’ll trust the Universe to help me decide. I’m looking for signs from the Universe to let me know which job I should take. It seems our current vernacular has substituted Universe for God, since God has become persona-non-grate for all the damage he’s done to our […]

Trump-eting among the ‘Polis’

With all the intense oppositional conviction in the media about who’s right and what’s wrong this really resonated for me. From a new translation of Tao Te Ching by Victor H. Mair based on the recently discovered Ma-Wang-Tui manuscripts. 64(20) Between “yes sir” and “certainly not!” how much difference is there? Between beauty and ugliness, […]

Ready, Fire, Aim

  This title came to me in my sleep last night. It seems I’ve heard it before but I don’t know who to credit for it, so I will just try to unpack what I gleaned about it in that state of sleep I call a God-state. Ready Life wants to be fashioned through us. […]