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With 40 years of experience in the Wisdom Tradition, I’ve learned through Gnostic and Hermetic lineages, and am an ordained Gnostic Priest. I have extensive dream experience and I can help you understand what your dreams are communicating. Not all dreams come from the same dimension. Some are simply detritus from daily life, some are deeper soul dreams, some speak from the collective. People call me a mystic. Wisdom and vision come through me when required, and I claim nothing special about that. I can help you as you navigate these disorienting times. Just by being here now in the world you are a light bringer and a helper. I can give you a clear reflection when you are feeling lost, or confused, or just rung out. I will add to the light you bring, the light that, regardless of your circumstance in life, you already are. I am a way shower, a guide, a mentor, and together we will radiate the love that is creating the New Earth.

I offer one-hour sessions to assist you with your dreams and in the challenges you are now facing. You can book a session with me below. I look forward to meeting you online where you are via or, whichever you prefer.
I know who you are in Truth, I know how you serve in Truth. You are Love, You are Love, You are Love.

"Split the stone and find me there."

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