The Greater Mind is Ever Present

I am walking through our local health food market without a list, feeling for what I will want to eat in the next few days. A woman whom I don’t know passes me and says, “I saw you and thought you were Ann Bancroft. But then I thought, no that can’t be, she’s, you know.”

“Dead,” I say. I’m not timid about the great wonder. We both chuckle and then I say with a smile, referencing one of Ann Bancroft’s great roles, “I used to be Mrs. Robinson.” (When I was married.) We both chuckle again and walk on.

Later I revisit the incident in my mind and I am reminded of a visionary experience I had years ago that came on the wings of the theme song of that same Ann Bancroft movie, The Graduate. I wrote about it in my memoir and now I feel I am being reminded by the Greater Mind that there is a love that never stops loving us.

Excerpt from Love on The Brink of History:
“One afternoon before I became involved with the Gnostic church, I was out doing housewife errands and pulled into the parking lot of a home-improvement store. I parked my car on the burning, midsummer tarmac, and as I walked toward the electric doors to the air-conditioned vastness of nuts, bolts, and lawn chairs, I passed a store employee. He was setting up some potted plants under a mister at the front of the store and boldly singing out a familiar song, paying no attention to me passing by, “And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know.”

When I married, I took my husband’s last name, Robinson. I was then Mrs. Robinson. Spirit often speaks to me through seemingly random incidents like this, which reveals an open portal for “presence” eternal. Occurrences like this are always guidance for something I’m puzzling through, or just a message from spirit to remind me of who I am and where I belong. Carl Jung called this synchronicity. I’ve recalled this experience over the years, and each time it is a real and comforting reminder of my purpose in this life.”

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