Time to put away childish things

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

From The New Living Translation of Corinthians 1-13

Last night, reading from The Masters of the Far East,* they spoke about asking for help. That registered in my heart and mind with deeper coherence than ever before. I felt the presence of The Masters, which includes Jesus, who have all lived to embody Christ consciousness. I fell asleep asking for help, to show me the way forward, to heal my body that it may last longer for the highest and best good. I know that my way forward is in offering myself to the highest and best good. I need a body and a self as a vehicle for this offering.

I slept very deeply and when I awoke, I was disoriented, groggy, with low energy verging on depression. I had a hard time entering the world of doing and of things. I ate breakfast, took a shower, and lay down again. I’ve gotten over feeling guilty for not doing anything; just allowing myself to be still.

Then I received a text message from a dear friend with a passage from a channeled message. This was someone I’d never heard of before who Channels a personage called Ashian.** It completely resonated and gave me context for what I was experiencing.

A: Blessings to you dear ones. Take a moment to breathe. You are not alone, nor are you lost, nor did you turn a wrong corner or make a mistake.

This is indeed an ‘Inner Squeeze.’ Those of you who experienced the inner death last week are now going through your metamorphosis period. As many of you will be aware, your DNA is linked to your Akashic records: every lifetime is encoded in your DNA, so that you will feel ‘pulled’ towards living out your karmic and dharmic paths in each lifetime. It is your DNA that guides you and creates the mental, emotional, and physical templates that structure your lives.

Those of you who died to the karmic wheel you embarked upon, as star seeds and light workers, are now experiencing the effect and affect of your DNA being purged of all old information. Your karma has come to resolution, so balance has been experienced and the ‘ledger,’ so to speak, is zeroed out. You can no longer continue with the old templates and structures in place, as they do not reflect the truth of you.

You are being updated on every level.

This, synchronistically, confirmed something I recently heard in an interview with Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar:

Darryl Anka says of Karma:

Karma simply means action. It’s the recognition that you’re out of alignment and Karma is the actions you take to bring yourself back into balance.

It’s not about judgment or punishment. And it’s not about anchoring you to the past or having to work off karma. It’s more immediate. From his (Bashar’s) perspective, if you come to the realization in one lifetime that the 1,000 other lifetimes as a really bad person were out of balance, and you awaken to align to the source of all that is (God), that Karma is gone. You’ve rebalanced yourself. You don’t have to go through a tit for tat — I did that to you so now I have to experience what that feels like to have it done to me. You might choose that, but you don’t have to. It’s not a necessary way to learn.

And are you willing to be the true reflection of source that you truly are? And if you start making choices and taking actions that demonstrate that, where’s the karma? It’s gone, because you have come back into balance or at least you’re trying to do so.

In that same interview, Darryl Anka talks about acting on your passion. Writing is my passion, and that is something I’ve not been engaged in since the pandemic. Now, receiving these messages in response to my asking for help, I witness bubbling up from my stillness, the desire to write again. By surrendering to the stillness, not forcing, not agonizing about what I’m not doing, I’ve allowed my passion to return.

What is this with all these channeled beings in recent years? I think much of this is coming from the individual’s higher consciousness. Is the higher consciousness, the potential for which we each have been endowed, now expressing because of that DNA upgrade mentioned earlier? There are a few channeled bodies of work that I believe are indeed coming from disembodied individuals or groups of individuals speaking through embodied flesh and blood persons, as a radio broadcast. I believe Paul Selig is one of those radio broadcasters. The truth is in the wisdom. And for that we are served best by reaching into the silent voice within us for confirmation. That is what has been called gnosis.

In a world that has become so oriented toward outer material reality — our fascination with the things of this manifest world, where very little is given to the still small voice within, I suggest that spirit has had to speak to us through the program we are operating under: the phenomenal, one of spectacle. To witness Paul Selig channel is indeed a bit of a spectacle. It gets our attention. And then the wisdom comes like a wave straight through the doubt and fear and disbelief to the core of our knowing, again gnosis.

We are prompted to listen to the still small voice within to be able to differentiate between the I-Me-Mine aspect of us, our “small self,” and the true Knowing of who we really are, with the capacity to live a much larger paradigm, a more robust operating system.

We are now collectively in a massive shift from an old paradigm based in fear, scarcity, and competition, to putting away those childish ways of being and thinking. We are coming face to face with our true nature, the Christ consciousness, in which we have capacities far beyond that which we have accepted in limitation. Jesus said what he can do everyone can do. The Masters of the Far East say the same thing. And they are saddened that we have refused to take up the “work” to be who we truly are. What is the work I ask. I am willing to ask for help from something that is totally illogical, irrational, unseen and which has been denied for long enough as to send us to the brink of annihilation. We Cannot pull humanity back from that brink without help from the source from which we’ve come. Call it God, call it Universe, call it whatever you want. We’ve been trapped behind a wall of names which are only pointers. We’ve been like the puppy who when you point to the blazing sunrise, he sniffs your finger, having no clue of what you want to share with him. There are many who have pointed at that sunrise. What if now is the time when we, the puppies, become curious about what those pointers are pointing to. Is that the work the Masters refer to? To become curious about what more there might be, for me in my life, and for humanity as a whole?

We now are learning that time is not what we thought. 2,000 years ago is also Now. Nothing is over, nothing is wasted. We live many lives in order to comprehend who we really are. What if the time we are living in Now is the ‘Then’ spoken of in Corinthians, when we see face to face the truth of our being. What if this is not just some abstract idea that we read about in church on Sunday? What if this is each one of us, individually and collectively grappling with and awakening to how we’ve deceived ourselves, living in agreement to the old paradigm. How we’ve been deceived by the world we live in. As Paul Selig says, we jumped into a pool that someone already peed in. We are each wrestling with that old paradigm as it has lived in each of us. Behold we are making ourselves new and in so doing we make ALL things new. It’s a wild and often painful ride. As Ashian says, we are being squeezed, even as a newborn baby is squeezed from the birth canal. Could it be true that we, in the fullness of our souls, agreed to this — to being in this life at this juncture. Are we here now to help lift the world and humanity to a life sustaining paradigm of cooperation, support, Love, and creative expansiveness where all beings know they are loved and no one is wasted, left out or disdained? We are each of and for the divine essence that has brought this entire world into being, and we are struggling mightily now, in our individual lives and collective creations, to re-member who we truly are.

*The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding, published by DeVorss & Company

**The full message can be found at https://jennifercrokaert.com/ashian-inner-squeeze/


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  1. Wonderful article, thank you so much! I’m very glad you are back to writing, it will inspire many people! 💕👏🏼🌷🙏🏼💫

  2. This is really insightful! So much resonates. Thx for sharing your thinking with us! 🌀

  3. So beautiful. So honest.
    There’s such surrender and awe in the form of gratitude.
    You are blessed and blessing us with each prayer and step you make,
    May your passion for writing enlighten us all.

    I love you dear friend.