Trust your Clairs for a New Timeline


‘Clair’ comes from the French meaning ‘clear.’ Clairvoyance means clear vision.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. Clairsentience is clear feeling, which is often comprehended as intuition, a strong awareness of what you feel inside to be guidance or truth. Claircognizance is clear knowing—the ability to know something without a physical explanation as to why you know it. Claircognizance feels as if a Higher Self or Spirit appears with information. Sometimes it’s like a packet of information is being downloaded into the mind. It can also appear in smaller insights about people and situations or be an inspired idea. Clairs are characterized by a strong sense of knowing that goes beyond logic. I’ve been claircognizant all my life but only in the past couple years realized there is a name for it. I never thought it was anything special or out of the ordinary. It feels quite natural.

Clairgustance means clear tasting. Clairalience means clear smelling. It’s also known as Clairolfaction and Clairessence. Examples can be smelling the perfume of a deceased aunt or the cigar smoke of a beloved grandfather. I remember standing at the entrance in the market speaking with some people I’d just met the day before at the memorial of a beloved friend. Our friend had been a master incense maker. Suddenly amid supermarket smells—deli counter, fish market, cleaning supplies—we all got a strong scent of our friend’s unique incense.

Recently my friend and spiritual brother texted me that he wanted to talk. We don’t speak often outside our Zoom group, so I was only slightly curious. I’ve learned to simply respond, to follow the path that is not mapped out. We spoke about a recent event we’d both attended and finally he tiptoed into telling me that he’d heard a voice telling him to call me. Initially, not knowing why he should call, he ignored it. But by the third time he’d heard that voice he finally decided to respond.

Now in the group in which we both participate, there are many people who openly talk about asking their guides, being told by their guides, saying I just knew I had to… But in the greater consensus reality this might be seen as crazy, or derogatorily thought of as “magical thinking.”

Thankfully my friend trusted that voice and trusted me. We had a beautiful supportive conversation which clarified several things we’d both been grappling with. In the material world we would call this a win/win kind of conversation. But this was more than winning. Charles Eisenstein says, “when you walk this invisible path you achieve things that are beyond the capacity of a plan.” In order to walk the invisible path, you have to trust your clairs.

The next day I was walking through our local farmer’s market. There are two poets who offer a spontaneous poem for a donation. I sometimes write poetry myself, and though I delight that they are doing this, and am impressed that they can do it spontaneously, I’ve never felt called to ask for a poem. But this day as I approached the area where the poets were sitting with their soap boxes and manual typewriters, I felt moved to go and ask for a poem. It was utterly spontaneous. My logical mind would have said don’t spend money on this. But my logical mind was completely absent, and I went to the first poet without an idea for a poem. I could say I didn’t know what prompted me. But I know better than that by now. What prompted me was spirit, that part of each of us that is awake in this dream we call reality.

I said something like, “Can you write a poem about the new world we are awakening to?” Without a pause and with a beautiful open smile he said, “I’m on it.” We agreed I’d wander to some other booths and be back in a while.

When I returned, he was halfway finished, so I waited nearby listening to some music until he nodded to me. My heart flew open when he read his poem out loud:


Passion and purpose lead all on the path

To the aftermath of the split

Heaven’s descent

To the Earthly plane

Where we refrain from hate

And demonstrate Love’s grace

In every pace along the path

We sing sanctuary from spirit

That weaves between the seams

Of our beings

Animating the divine

As we recline in reverence

For every gifted breath

and every moment

Is known as now

And somehow miracle makes

Its way back onto the world

A prismatic paradise

For one and all

Matt the Poet


I don’t think I said anything about the Hopi Prophecy Rock upon which is shown two timelines, one that comes to an end and one with the possibility of continuing on. But this poem writes the new story, the one that will carry humanity forward.

Charles Eisenstein differentiates between a prophecy and a prediction. A prophecy is one of potential; it is not guaranteed based upon past known calculations. It is we the people who must see the potential and believe in it, open our minds to it, live by it, know it to be true. Matt’s poem delivers all this in present tense. It is already so. In the infinite field of potential, we are already calling this new timeline of humanity into being.

Would he have written that poem had I not asked? Was my momentary clair-motivation to ask for a poem, before I even knew what the subject was, a message from spirit, from knowing, to prompt the writing of our new timeline? In the beginning is the word. Now those words are written, it will be so.

The Guides who speak through Paul Selig said this shift for humanity is not really a numbers game as is often spoken of with the hundredth monkey theory. I think that theory goes that the square route of 1% will alter the entirety, and I believe that formula comes from chemistry. I don’t even know what a square route is, but I do know that spirit is not chemistry. The Guides say it is a matter of velocity and of frequency. It has been said that one person with the right velocity and frequency can change the entire world. When we look at history with clear understanding, we see that Jesus did just that. The world changed because he fully embodied Christ Consciousness. And now the consciousness that he wrought has the potency to open up in all beings. Two thousand years you balk? Linear time is not relevant to the eternal shift that is upon us.

The clairs endow us with deeper insight. We all have had moments of insight, like personal windows to a greater way of being. Too often we ignore what comes through those windows and default to old patterns that keep us small and ignorant. But old patterns are being shown increasingly to be unsustainable for humanity and for each of us personally.

When we walk this invisible path that cannot be mapped out in advance, we may achieve what is beyond the capacity of a plan based on worn out strategies. These worn-out strategies are like programs embedded with viruses. Jesus said you can’t put new wine into old wineskins. I believe this is what he meant.

There is now potency, a prophecy for a new way for humanity to move forward and thrive.

I suggest we choose it.









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  1. Hannah this is absolutely marvelous. Thank you thank you thank you. I am lifted. I love you. And I deeply appreciate you. Such wonderful memories I have of spending time with you and Costa Rica. You are a treasured sister to me.

    1. Thank you Lucinda. I hope we meet up in person again. I know who you are in truth.